Monthly Community Meals

Free and open to all!

Brunch – every 3rd Tuesday of the month from 10:00 pm – 12:00 pm.

Dinner – every 3rd Sunday of the month from 4:30 pm -6:30 pm.

Since 2015, St. Stephen’s and the Vine with the help of many amazing sponsors and generous contributors, has been able to host the Peace Meal – a monthly dinner served free of charge, which features occasional music, entertainment, and activities to the residents of Ferguson. In February 2017 The Peace Meal changed its name to Clay Cafe. Clay Cafe is still our community Peace Meal, and we are hoping the new name will better fit our efforts into the future! We look forward to not only providing a neighborhood feast monthly, thanks to the help of local sponsors, but also aim to incorporate more art, music by local musicians, open mic opportunities, and other activities as well. The Vine imagery inspires us to grow and spread goodness. Clay Cafe was born to honor the street we call home, the Earth in which clay comes from, and the cozy and safe vibe of one’s favorite cafe. We hope that as we grow you will continue to join us!

If you and/or your group are interested in cooking/serving eats, or if you are a musician interested in providing musical entertainment, Clay Cafe has a few ways to give back! Contact Emily Byrne for more info via email at

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